Newyork jurnal

Perhaps the best thing about NY,and what makes it truly great,is defference with japanese culture.

For inctance,we are able to enjoy entertaiment on subways,in parks,on streets.

When I take the7train,I frequently hear Latin music.

Musicians play musin on trains. It's amazing!!

In Osaka city,I had never seen people who play music on a train.

I suppose it might be illegal in my city because I often performed infront of staitions.

Some people called police.

Anyway,if you take the A train, you could enjoy African American's cultures,dance performances and magic.

It's unbelievable!!. In Japan,nobody performs on a train.

Furthermore, you are able to enjoy entertainment without going to music cluds,
dance clubs.Therefore,NYC is totally great!

Of course,I love Osaka city.

The food culture in Osaka city is absolutely great because there're many types of
food, and everything is great!

I used to eat "kushikatsu","holumon","ramen",and sushi.

I miss these types of food because truly I am not able to eat real Japanese food
in NYC.
Honestly,when I eat Japanese food in NYC,I compare with real Japanese food.
Sometimes,Japanese food in NYC is actually terrible.

I've been living here more than 1year.
In my opinion.Obviously Japanese food is the best, I've ever eaten.

by kinoyan-r | 2013-02-21 14:03  

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